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Partnering with Carlisle Air Group to manage your aircraft gives you the flexibility of having your aircraft ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice, without the hassles and complexities of maintaining your own flight department. With one aircraft, two, or an entire fleet of aircraft, Carlisle Air Group will minimize the stress of ownership, increase your service capabilities, and lower your cost of operation.

Carlisle Air Group management programs include our full suite of operational and concierge services, including scheduling, dispatch, flight following of your trips, ground transportation, lodging reservations and all other arrangements to meet your needs.

A reliable way to offset costs of aircraft ownership is with consistent charter revenue.

At Carlisle Air Group we put your aircraft to work for you! You can charter your aircraft as much or as little as you would like with the ability to review all bookings. We work with your schedule to construct a tailored plan to allow for chartering when it’s not in use. Coupled with added charter revenue, allow us to help guide you with the tax benefits of owning an aircraft to take full advantage of savings in all areas.

At Carlisle Air Group we only hire and train highly qualified pilots and flight attendants. Via our rigorous ground and simulator training, we instill the highest standards – exceeding the requirements of the FAA, and endorsed by the industry-leading safety firms. Our goal is to provide you with the best flying experience possible, which all begins with the people on our team.

Carlisle Air Group’s maintenance team provides you with the confidence to enjoy every flight by meeting and exceeding FAA requirements in scheduled maintenance, inspections, and in responding to service bulletins. Our monthly reporting system will allow you to see, first-hand, your aircraft’s scheduled maintenance, service bulletin compliance, and charter use.

Providing our clients with the highest levels of safety, on the ground and in the air, is our top priority. Carlisle Air Group maintains an ARG/US Platinum Rating, Wyvern Wingman Status, IS-BAO, and Air Charter Safety Foundation Certification; the highest ratings for safety in the industry.

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