About Carlisle Aviation Group

At Carlisle Aviation Group, we take to the skies to make aircraft ownership hassle-free and rewarding. With a passion for aviation and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in acquiring and managing aircraft for owners who seek seamless operation, optimal performance, and peace of mind.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to provide aircraft owners with a comprehensive and transparent management solution. We believe in offering a complete package that covers all aspects of aircraft ownership, ensuring your investment takes flight with confidence.

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What Sets Us Apart

1. Aircraft Acquisition and Management

We have a dedicated team of experts with a deep understanding of the aviation industry. We’ll handle all aspects of your aircraft’s management.

2. Detailed Reporting

We believe in full transparency. Our detailed reports break down everything you need to know, from flight hours to maintenance costs and charter revenue. You’ll have complete visibility into your aircraft’s performance.

3. Cost Optimization

We know that owning an aircraft can be costly. That’s why we focus on optimizing expenses, from fuel costs to maintenance, helping you get the most value out of your investment

Our Services

1. Detailed Hourly Usage Tracking

Access comprehensive breakdowns of hourly usage, covering owner flights, charter flights, and maintenance/training flights.

2. Full-Service Flight Support

Our dedicated team manages all logistical aspects, including permissions, catering, transportation, accommodations, and personalized owner requests, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

3. Fuel Cost Transparency

We meticulously record and report fuel expenses, including gallons consumed, direct and contract fuel costs, and any fuel optimization discounts secured.

4. Streamlined Fixed Costs

From expert flight crew management to secure aircraft storage, meticulous aircraft detailing, and comprehensive insurance coverage, we handle the essentials to keep your aircraft ready for takeoff.

5. Maintenance Excellence

We maintain your aircraft in peak condition, providing transparent cost breakdowns for all maintenance work performed.

6. Charter Revenue Visibility

Our transparent reporting ensures you’re well-informed about the earnings your jet generates each month through charter flights, with competitive and reliable quotes.

At Carlisle Aviation Group, we are more than just aircraft managers; we are your aviation partners. We’re here to make your aviation experience exceptional, from takeoff to landing.

Ready to soar to new heights with Carlisle Aviation Group? Contact us today to discuss your aircraft management needs and let us help you achieve a safe, smooth, and enjoyable journey in the world of aviation.

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