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Staff Testimonials

I started with Carlisle Air Group in 2018, I had been in the industry for a few years and thought I knew my role in providing material support for aircraft. I underestimated myself, I never would have believed in my own strengths. On day one, I immediately felt the pride and passion of my cohorts for the work that they do and the guests we support. It is infectious. Carlisle Air Group is a fundamentally interactive engaging environment that allows employees to express ideas, opinions, and concerns at all levels. Hard work and passion never go unnoticed. Carlisle Air Group has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, the growth opportunities here are in abundance for those who are willing to learn and face new challenges. Carlisle Air Group does not believe in boundaries and there is always encouragement to progress, learn and evolve. Employees are supported in diversifying our roles, enhancing our skills as we work as a team through the exchange of resources and responsibilities. To me, Carlisle Air Group is a spectacular company, the culture is contagious. At Carlisle Air Groupyou work alongside phenomenal people who share a deep passion for aviation, guests, and each other. Carlisle Air Group strives to provide a safe, professional, and calming atmosphere while just as eager to please. I am proud and humbled to be amongst such incredibly talented people, I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to our continued success and be part of the Carlisle Air Group family.
Starr Valencia
Material Support Director
Having worked as a flight coordinator for over two decades, I have had the opportunity to experience watching numerous changes in the industry and company. Carlisle Air Group has not only been able to adapt to the changes but thrive through them.
LeeAnn Brizak
Senior Flight Coordinator / Charter Sales
Working here at Carlisle Air Group has been an honor, and a privilege! I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing people. It has definitely taught me about perseverance and made me stronger, as well as buffed me and increased my abilities in so many ways!! Some of the most amazing people I’ve met are here at Carlisle Air Group and I’ll always be thankful for that!! I honestly didn’t know what I was capable of until working here and having the opportunity to discover new strengths and new passions. I have to say that some of the best pilots I have ever had the privilege of working with are at this company, and we are very fortunate for that. That Carlisle Air Group staff have been amazing, they work so hard. The work ethic is unbelievable and inspiring and yet they’re always so kind and have a great attitude and genuinely care. The new HR staff I am so thankful for; unlike any other company I’ve worked for, they genuinely care about the employees here and that’s so amazing to have!! Being a part of Carlisle Air Group was, and is such a big blessing in my life! I am proud and grateful to be a part of Carlisle Air Group.
Heather DiMartino
Flight Attendant
Carlisle Air Grouphas a culture like no other. We are one big family who strives to be the best for our customers, vendors, and each other.
Brittanie Super
HR Administrator
Working for Carlisle Air Group has been elevating for me. Since the time that I have been part of this team, I have grown professionally, as well as enhanced the quality of life for my family. I think that people are happiest when they are progressing and when they have the opportunity to work with great people. This has absolutely been the case with me. From the mentoring from great pilots to the fantastic people in maintenance, operations, scheduling, HR, and management, I have benefitted from everyone I’ve had the honor of working with. Carlisle Air Group puts much emphasis and investment in professionalism and enhancing its culture. They understand that a happy, positive culture translates to a better product and experience for their customers. I’m grateful to be part of that effort and I am honored to be part of this great team.
Don Ford
Former Pilot
I have been with the company for nearly 10 years. Working in aviation is something I never imagined for my career, but this job and position has opened my world to so much endless knowledge and opportunity. I am nowhere near who I was when I started with this company, and that comes with a good support system. I came from a grocery store and now I have a leadership role, helping others learn all that it takes to be self sufficient but an integral part of the team.
Kelli Hatch
Senior Flight Coordinator
I was hired to take over the safety department at Carlisle Air Group in 2022. One of the first things I noticed was that there was already a safety management system in place. This is not the case with most 135 operations, and it showed me that Carlisle Air Group takes safety seriously. We have a strong safety culture here, a fact that is backed up by upper management’s decisions every single day. I’ve never had to argue for safety here, everyone just gets it. After working with my colleagues, I began to see that everyone here is an expert in their field. I think this is due to the company’s ability to develop talent. We hire the best people in their discipline and let them do what they do best. I love the flexibility to run my department the way I want, as well as the freedom to take on big projects that are outside of my normal scope. Finally, I love that there is always room for advancement here, I was just type rated on our Global Express and I’ve seen the President and Director of Operations hired from within. For all these reasons and more, I’m proud to be a part of the Carlisle Air Group.
Tyler Sinclair
Safety Officer

Our Fundamentals

The essence of the Carlisle Air Group experience lies in the details. We focus on both the small and significant actions that astonish and delight. Each interaction should shine with exceptional service. Strive to create a “WOW” moment that transforms clients into enthusiastic advocates. Keep in mind that achieving the seemingly impossible may take more time, but it’s our specialty.

Embrace accountability and be proactive in driving results. Approach every challenge with a mindset focused on solutions and possibilities, instead of dwelling on obstacles. Demonstrate ingenuity and take the lead. Avoid making excuses or relying on others to address the issues. Commit to seeing tasks through to their resolution.

Always uphold a steadfast dedication to integrity in every action and decision, particularly when you’re alone. If you err, acknowledge your mistake, apologize, and take steps to correct it.

Focus on the team’s goals rather than your own. Set aside your ego and personal ambitions to prioritize what benefits everyone. Support your colleagues and be flexible enough to take on different tasks or assist others when needed for the team’s success. Foster an environment where everyone can thrive and ensure all members are treated with equal respect.

Effort is valuable, but our clients and teams demand tangible outcomes. Consistently follow through on tasks and take ownership to ensure they are completed and issues are resolved. Aim high, use metrics to monitor your progress, and hold yourself accountable for delivering the desired results.

Embrace the opportunity to learn from everyone, irrespective of their position, age, background, experience, or tenure within our organization. By valuing diverse viewpoints, we enhance our decision-making processes.

Be prepared to go above and beyond to reach your goals. Whether it means beginning your tasks ahead of schedule or stepping outside your usual duties, it’s that additional effort that distinguishes the average from the exceptional.

Listening involves much more than just keeping quiet. Focus completely on the person speaking. Be fully present and actively involved in the conversation. Reduce distractions and release the urge to either agree or disagree. Hold back judgment and cultivate curiosity to learn more, rather than rushing to conclusions. Ultimately, listen with the goal of understanding.

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