Safety & Security

Carlisle Air Group has undergone rigorous assessments by top industry safety auditors and has achieved the prestigious ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, and IS-BAO Recommended statuses.

This remarkable achievement is only attained by the most elite operators in the field. Our team of full-time pilots boasts extensive experience, with thousands of flight hours under their belts. They undergo biannual training and testing that adhere to the highest standards, encompassing both aircraft operations and emergency procedures.

Our Director of Aviation Safety and Security oversees‘s Safety and Security Program. This dedicated individual collaborates closely with our Safety Committee, conducts monthly company-wide Safety Meetings, and ensures a comprehensive Flight Risk Assessment for each flight segment.

Crew Recruitment and Management

At, our recruitment process is dedicated to selecting exceptionally qualified pilots, mechanics, and cabin attendants. We provide comprehensive training through our specialized curriculum, which encompasses flight training at esteemed institutions such as CAE SimuFlite and Bombardier Aerospace.

Crew Training

At Carlisle Air Group, we rely on CAE SimuFlite and Bombardier Aerospace for comprehensive full-motion simulator pilot training. Our continuous Maintenance Education and Certification programs are conducted by Global Jet Services, Inc. Moreover, we prioritize the constant improvement of our training initiatives. To ensure excellence in international operations, medical services, cabin services, food preparation, and emergency procedures, we collaborate with specialized training providers who regularly review and enhance our training programs.

Safety Management System (SMS) has meticulously crafted and put into action its Safety Management System (SMS), in close alignment with the directives of the FAA, IS-BAO, ARG/US, and Wyvern. Our SMS surpasses the fundamental requirements expected of such programs. It equips our management and crew members with the essential tools and resources to uphold safety as our paramount concern and effectively mitigate all risks to acceptable levels. The Safety Policy at Worldwide Jet underscores the unwavering commitment of senior management to the ongoing enhancement of safety standards.

Flight Risk Assessment

At, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of each flight segment using our Flight Risk Analysis Tool (FRAT). This essential tool enables our Operations team and crew members to assess the real-time impact on our risk tolerance for every leg of the journey, identifying and mitigating risks as they emerge. It fosters immediate communication between Operations and the crew, ensuring that well-informed decisions are consistently made throughout each flight.

International Risk Assessment

At, every journey undergoes meticulous scrutiny by our operations team and crew members. This includes in-depth safety and security briefings for each country and city on our itinerary, sourced from agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, N.S.A., World Health Organization, and various government entities. Depending on the assessed risk level, we proactively implement precautionary measures and establish contingency plans to mitigate potential risks, including comprehensive evacuation plans for our passengers, crew, and aircraft if the situation demands it. Our commitment to your safety doesn’t end with takeoff; we maintain vigilant oversight throughout the journey, ensuring swift decision-making if circumstances necessitate it.

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